Update: IPTV Checker 2.1

Today we have updated our tool IPTV Checker to a new version 2.1, this version we have added some new functions and fixed some bugs that have been reported by you in the comments.

What’s New in IPTV Checker 2.1

  • Added a functionality to fix the number of threads that will checks the channels.
  • Added a functionality to scrape additional channel’s tags like (tvg-logo, tvg-name, epg-url … etc from the source file) and include them when saving to file.
  • Added “#EXTM3U” first line when saving the list.
  • Faster stopping
  • Fixed a bug in saving the file after doing an order b y a column.
  • fixed a bug in the algorithm of checking channel status, the old version show some channels as online when they are actually offline).

A special thanks for the users who donated to our site and also for the users who comment and report bugs.


To download and use the new version kindly click the link below.

IPTV Checker 2.1

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Update: Issuu PDF Downloader


We have decided to do an update for our issuu download tool, The new tool have all major functions of the older tool, in addition to many other new functions.

Whats New

  • The user can generate PDF File automatically without manually printing the page itself.
  • In case the auto-generated file is not in a good styling –  you can manually print the page as PDF(chrome)  or print the the page using a virtual printer like the one that come with Foxit-reader (the freee version).
  • When viewing a single page, the user can navigate to the next page or the previous one without the need to go back and selecting another page.
  • The new tool will be on the same link of the previous one.


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IPTV Checker 2.06

After reviewing the feedback from our loyal users, I have decided to add and modify some functionalities in our application.

  • Added the ability to move channels up and down, so the user can personalize their list before saving it.
  • The user can copy channels only by their URLs and added another option in the right menu to save the selected channels as m3u8 list.
  • Fixed a bug on adding channels to existing ones.
  • Fixed a bug in channels checking.
  • Adding tool-tips to help users to understand the interface.
  • Adding Twitter button to follow our account, so users can follow with our development process.
  • Added PayPal button for people who want to buy a coffee for us


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IPTV Checker 2.05

Today we have released a new version of our application as we have received many complains about previous version V 2.0, so we decided to include the features of our previous versions and also many new ones.

Whats New

  • Can save Online, Offline, unchecked or All Channels
  • No Internal Player, will play on VLC
  • Much faster MultiThreading
  • Can view Online, Offline, Unchecked Or All Channels
  • Can search loaded Channels (real-time search), and choose to check the searched ones
  • Have a setting menu, where you can modify userAgent, How many tries to check before considering a channel offline, TimeOut seconds before considering a channel offline, and VLC Location
  • New white interface
  • And many more
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IPTV Checker 2.0

Version on Hold

Hello World,

It has been long time ago, that I have not released a new version of our application IPTV Checker, today I have released a new version.

What’s new

  • New Interface, that make it more fast to load big lists
  • Much better multi-threading handling
  • Ability to sort channels by name, status or URL.

Please note that you have to have .Net framework 4.5.2 Installed.



New Twitter Account to Follow Up


I have decided to make a twitter account for the people who want to know my latest development projects.

I will will post on it everything in my mind regarding applications development, and for sure I can answer all of your questions there..

You can follow me on this link



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IPTV Checker 1.07 New Update

Hello World!

We have a new update to our application IPTV CHECKER, Kindly update your copy of our app or you will miss a lot 🙂

What’s New in the version

  • Fixed more bugs in adding channels.
  • Added new functionality to get the server additional Channels (HOT!!).
  • Added numbering to rows.
  • Added Donation options.


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IPTV Checker 1.04

Hello World!

Today I have finished the new version of our application IPTV Checker, I have included the most featured that were asked by you in the comments. I know it took me months to develop the new version, but guys I have a family and a job and my PC and i have to take care of all of them at the same time.

What’s new in IPTV Checker 1.04

  • The ability to delete multiple files at once
  • The ability to manually adjust the path of VLC player
  • Specify the number of threads to run
  • Specify the timeout to consider the channel as offline
  • Modify the user-agent used when checking the channels
  • New resizable user interface
  • Fixed some bugs when importing IPTV lists


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How to download any video from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr on your Android Phone, four In one APP

Hello Guys,

As I use multiple social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, Sometimes I watch some videos that I really want to download them to my phone or tablet so i can view them without internet connection, Before I were using multiple apps specified for each one of these sites as downloaders, But the problem all of these ads are really fed with ads and very annoying. so as usual I decided to develop my own version without these sick ads, and I have decided to call it Universal Social Media Downloader (USMD)

But my plan is to develop a simple application that works on all of these sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr). and today  I have finished coding the app and its functions, I have uploaded my app to Play store, so any one can use it for free. (more…)

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Download any document or presentation from SlideShare and save it as PDF file

Download Slideshare documents as PDF files

Great Day,

I have received many request to develop a tool to easily download documents or presentations hosted on Slideshare and save it as PDF file for Offline Reading. as millions around the world don’t have unlimited internet subscriptions, and the site is used from millions on the world, and contains Millions of very beneficial and high quality documents and presentations used by students. I have decided to program it for free. so any one can use it. (more…)