Control your PC using your android phone – Simple PC CONTROLLER

I have bought a new DLNA TV that makes me able to watch my favorite TV shows stored on my PC, but I have faced a little challenge, every time I finish watching my shared movies and TV shows stored on PC I have to get out of my bed to turn off the PC,  So I decided to develop an application that makes me able to do that wirelessly using my Android phone.

The application is divided into two parts:

  1. An application for the android phone which sends the commands to the PC
  2. An application on the PC which receive the commands and apply them accordingly.

The application will let you do the following:

  1. Shutdown your PC
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Logoff your PC
  4. Lock your PC


Notice that you have to fill your PC Local Address in order to make the application see your PC on your local notwork, Once you install the PC server on your PC it will copy itself to the startup directory in order to run every time your start up your PC, next step is to right click on the server icon on the system tray it will show you the Local Address of the PC like the following:

You need to copy that IP address to your android application like the following:

As you can see now our application see the status of you PC and show “Online” in green, this IP will be saved and you don’t need to enter it every time you start the android client unless you have changed your PC IP then you can change it on your android application.

Once you click on any the shutdown button the PC will turn off the PC and the status will change to “Offline” in gray.


Notice that our application is totally free and clean, it will not require any permission except for the internet as it use it send the commands to the PC side.

You can download Our android App from Google Play using the following link:

Will be available on play store soon

To download the PC application use the following link:




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