Download any document or presentation from SlideShare and save it as PDF file

Download Slideshare documents as PDF files

Great Day,

I have received many request to develop a tool to easily download documents or presentations hosted on Slideshare and save it as PDF file for Offline Reading. as millions around the world don’t have unlimited internet subscriptions, and the site is used from millions on the world, and contains Millions of very beneficial and high quality documents and presentations used by students. I have decided to program it for free. so any one can use it.

The tool is very easy to use, what you have to do is just paste the slideshare document URL in the Online tool and it will gran all the pictures and slides inside it.

you can view single slides or even view them all on page so you can cleanly Print it directly from the browser as PDF file. All the images are high quality and identical to what you see on slideshare.

This is a quick tutorial on how to use our new tool to download a presentation from slideshare and print it out as pdf file


Click the link below to visit our new online tool

Slide Grab

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