How to scrape facebook Likes and Profiles with their emails

Facebook likes scraper

New day with a fresh new tool , today’s tool is like a sword in web marketing, imagine how many people around the planet is looking for what your are trying to sell? can you imagine how many people are involved in Facebook and how many of them are following pages that are similar or near of what you are marketing? so how to get those people? it is very hard to have them especially on Facebook system which bans any one trying to scrape people profiles and pages with automated processes. BUT today is not like any other day! We have developed a little online tool, that can scrape these profiles, what you have to do isĀ  a copy-paste process, you copy the post URL that you want to scrape the people who liked it, and our tool will give you a list of those people in CSV file format, the data scraped will be like the following:

  • Profile name
  • Profile ID
  • profile Email (the Facebook email)
  • Profile URL

Our tool will scrape the first 1000 profiles of any post you choose, we have done this restriction only to save some bandwidth and resources on our server as it hosts many of our tools.

if you have any recommendations or just need a help don’t hesitate to contact us through the comments or use the contact us form.

Facebook Likes Scraper




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