IPTV Checker 1.04

Hello World!

Today I have finished the new version of our application IPTV Checker, I have included the most featured that were asked by you in the comments. I know it took me months to develop the new version, but guys I have a family and a job and my PC and i have to take care of all of them at the same time.

What’s new in IPTV Checker 1.04

  • The ability to delete multiple files at once
  • The ability to manually adjust the path of VLC player
  • Specify the number of threads to run
  • Specify the timeout to consider the channel as offline
  • Modify the user-agent used when checking the channels
  • New resizable user interface
  • Fixed some bugs when importing IPTV lists

Download the new version


16 Replies to “IPTV Checker 1.04

  1. Please check next file. IP-TV – ok, Win XP

    1. this is not a standard M3U8 file format, our app will only check one link for each channel, in the next update i will try to include this option

  2. IPTV Checker 1.04 has an alert that requires permanent download even though the program is downloaded to the PC … admin to solve this problem

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