IPTV Checker 2.05

Today we have released a new version of our application as we have received many complains about previous version V 2.0, so we decided to include the features of our previous versions and also many new ones.

Whats New

  • Can save Online, Offline, unchecked or All Channels
  • No Internal Player, will play on VLC
  • Much faster MultiThreading
  • Can view Online, Offline, Unchecked Or All Channels
  • Can search loaded Channels (real-time search), and choose to check the searched ones
  • Have a setting menu, where you can modify userAgent, How many tries to check before considering a channel offline, TimeOut seconds before considering a channel offline, and VLC Location
  • New white interface
  • And many more


6 Replies to “IPTV Checker 2.05

  1. Really, I love version 1.09 Your distribution in this version 2.05 it not good. The size font it to big, the result area it to small. It no efficenty

  2. Hello, I found two small problems in this version 2.05.

    1- The program after loading a larger list of channels and checking, when clicking clear, it does not load the next file, you must close the program and load the next file again.

    2- I did a check of a list on a website, and then I went through the new list with all the online channels and verified in your program, two channels were listed as offline, even with 5 checks for offline channels and with 10 seconds of waiting . Something is making the program determine channels online as offline.

    I hope I have helped and thanks for the tool.

    1. Hello,
      thanks for your feedback, regarding the first issue you have mentioned, I don’t think it is a problem, maybe you selected to show online channels only, and then loaded the new file, then logically you will not see any channels loaded because you have selected to show only the online channels and the newly charged channels haven’t been yet checked to be considered as online. please verify this.
      and regarding the second problem could you send me the links of the channels to verify them on my side, as it will help me a lot in the next versions.

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