IPTV Checker 2.06

After reviewing the feedback from our loyal users, I have decided to add and modify some functionalities in our application.

  • Added the ability to move channels up and down, so the user can personalize their list before saving it.
  • The user can copy channels only by their URLs and added another option in the right menu to save the selected channels as m3u8 list.
  • Fixed a bug on adding channels to existing ones.
  • Fixed a bug in channels checking.
  • Adding tool-tips to help users to understand the interface.
  • Adding Twitter button to follow our account, so users can follow with our development process.
  • Added PayPal button for people who want to buy a coffee for us


2 Replies to “IPTV Checker 2.06

  1. When a new alphabetical order is made in channels, it does not save as it is. You can’t sort alphabetically and that’s why we use the old version.

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