Update: IPTV Checker 2.1

Today we have updated our tool IPTV Checker to a new version 2.1, this version we have added some new functions and fixed some bugs that have been reported by you in the comments.

What’s New in IPTV Checker 2.1

  • Added a functionality to fix the number of threads that will checks the channels.
  • Added a functionality to scrape additional channel’s tags like (tvg-logo, tvg-name, epg-url … etc from the source file) and include them when saving to file.
  • Added “#EXTM3U” first line when saving the list.
  • Faster stopping
  • Fixed a bug in saving the file after doing an order b y a column.
  • fixed a bug in the algorithm of checking channel status, the old version show some channels as online when they are actually offline).

A special thanks for the users who donated to our site and also for the users who comment and report bugs.


To download and use the new version kindly click the link below.

IPTV Checker 2.1

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