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Create Date June 9, 2019
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Password = tiny-tools.com

What's new in IPTV Checker 2.06

  • Added the ability to move channels up and down, so the user can personalize their list before saving it.
  • The user can copy channels only by their URLs and added another option in the right menu to save the selected channels as m3u8 list.
  • Fixed a bug on adding channels to existing ones.
  • Fixed a bug in channels checking.
  • Adding tool-tips to help users to understand the interface.
  • Adding Twitter button to follow our account, so users can follow with our development process.
  • Added PayPal button for people who want to buy a coffee for us 🙂

What's new in IPTV Checker 2.05

  • Can save Online, Offline, unchecked or All Channels
  • No Internal Player, will play on VLC
  • Much faster MultiThreading
  • Can view Online, Offline, Unchecked Or All Channels
  • Can search loaded Channels (real-time search), and choose to check the searched ones 🙂
  • Have a setting menu, where you can modify userAgent, How many tries to check before considering a channel offline, TimeOut seconds before considering a channel offline, and VLC Location
  • New white interface
  • And many more

What's new in IPTV Checker 2.0

  • New Interface
  • More productive multi-threading
  • Require: .Net Framework 4.5.2

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.09

  • Fixed a bug with big lists, now it is working again with big lists

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.08

  • Fixed a bug when adding urls from text
  • Now you can save the m3u8 list with all of its included tags

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.07

  • Fixed more bugs in adding channels.
  • Added new functionality to get the server additional Channels (HOT!!).
  • Added numbering to rows.
  • Added Donation options.

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.05

Fixed the Update Bug

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.04

  • The ability to delete multiple files at once
  • The ability to manually adjust the path of VLC player
  • Specify the number of threads to run
  • Specify the timeout to consider the channel as offline
  • Modify the user-agent used when checking the channels
  • New resizable user interface
  • Fixed some bugs when importing IPTV lists

What's new: Version 1.03

  • Fixed a bug that make some channels freezes forever

What's new : Version 1.02

  • New bug fixes
  • Control how many threads you want to run
  • Control the timeout of requests
  • Now the application will check each Offline channel 5 times to make sure it is really offline, because some channels have some lags that make the application thinks it is offline.
  • Double clicking any channel will open it in VLC Player

58 Replies to “IPTV Checker

  1. it works very slow when scanning, also when clicking to stop it takes a long time, I can not find how to put the user agent by default when you place a modified one-

    It would be good if the player they placed could be played with the user agent that you placed

    thanks are my reports

  2. Much shorter version than the old one.
    Why have you canceled the old version and it can no longer work, but only 2.0
    Return users to choose the old version if they want.
    With this new player, you can not see the subtitle subtitles and yet a lot of parameters as in the previous one regarding the VLC player.
    Big minus losing interface.
    There is no possibility of varieties of active and inactive links that were in the old version.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment,
      regarding the player many users have contacted me to have a built in player without having to install VLC on their machine which also make our application more standalone. regarding the active and offline channels you can do that in the new version, you can click on the status column header and it will arrange the channels regarding theirs status which gives the same result

  3. an error show when I try to extract the zip, it says:
    ! E:\Downloads\Compressed\IPTV Checker 2.0_2.zip: Unknown method in IPTV Checker 2.0.exe
    ! E:\Downloads\Compressed\IPTV Checker 2.0_2.zip: No files to extract
    ! Cannot execute “E:\Downloads\Compressed\Rar$EX00.968\IPTV Checker 2.0.exe”

          1. It’s solved, when I used 7-zip to extract it didn’t show me the error.
            Best regards

  4. Thanks for opening a short version of the old version so it can work, not having anyone else to use the new one. That 1.09 should leave the person who wants to use it.

    In a new version, the player is unhelpful because when he opens the striker, he simply baffles and you are not sure if he is stealthy
    That same strike in the vlc works without a mistake.

  5. Hi Admin!

    At first thank you for your hard work.

    I’m using IPTV Checker 2.0.
    Unfortunately this program has an annoying bug or mistake.
    Everytime when I start IPTV Checker 2.0 the program is opening a small notification window with the following information:

    “You are using version 2.0. New version 1.09 is available online.”

    If I click on “OK” IPTV Checker 2.0 is being closed. Hehe …
    The only way for a solutuin is – at this time – NOT to click on “OK” in the notification window instead to click into the main window of the program.

    My requests:

    Can you correct the bug or mistake like mentioned above?
    Can you make an option to allow or disallow for searching updates? This will help to prevent the bug or mistake like mentioned above.

    1. Hello Josef,
      Thanks for your comment, this is normal as before two days we have released a new version V.2.0 but many users have reported many bugs so we have decided to roll back to the old version; version 1.09 you can re-download this version to continue using the application without having this issue.
      Best ragards

    1. It is not a trojan some antivirus sees applications that makes multiple connections as a trojan; it is called false positive

  6. Dear sir. i download iptv Checker 2.06 but does not work (windows cannot complete the extractions )
    also where can i find lista which website please help me

  7. Hi, I use the old version of 1.09 and that’s enough for me. This new one is also good, but this version have one problem. When I load my list where I have an EPG line and a TV icon and when I save it I had a list without this parameters. I hope it will be fixed in future updates.

  8. Hi Admin!

    Allow me to inform you that the newest version of NET Framework is version 4.8.


    I’m using NET Framework version 4.8 and IPTV Checker 2.06 is working well.
    Version 5.2 doesn’t exist at this time. Or do you mean NET Framework 4.5.2 (released in 2014)?

    Another point ist annoying me. After the start of IPTV Checker 2.06 (or 2.0) the top border of the main program window is outside the monitor. I’m using a notebook with an integrated 17′ monitor.
    This means:
    I cannot pick the top border of the main program window with the mouse.
    I cannot see the fields:
    x = close
    – = minimize
    |_| = maximize

    The only solution at this time is to stretch the main program window to the right or to the left until I can see the top border of the main program window.

    Can you eliminate the problem like mentioned above by decreasing the height of the main program window or by making an option to remember the last position of the main program window?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Joe,
      Yes it is Framework 4.52, don’t know why i have written it like that :).
      what the resolution of your notebook? because no body have reported that problem you have, the min resolution for the app is 800×600 which means it should support all monitors resolutions.

  9. Hola…
    Para la ultima versión 2.06 de iptv checker, se requiere del .Net Framework 5.2
    pero solo aparece para descargas el 4.5.2 es lo mismo?

  10. Hi Admin!

    In reply to your question here are my monitor data:

    Monitor resolution: 1280 x 720
    Horizontal orientation.
    Custom scaling factor (Windows 10 options menu): 125

    In the meantime I have found out that if the option in Windows 10
    “Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode”
    is activated then I can see the top border of IPTV checker 2.06 (main program window) from the beginning.

    I have similar problems with some software programs I’m using and the only solution in this situation is to activate the option like mentioned above in order to see all program elements. Because you are a programmer I want to ask you: Do you know or can you imagine the reason for this behavior? Is this caused by the custom scaling factor?

    Best regards.

    1. Thanks for comment, to be honest never used this option before, but it seems that it is the origin of scaling problem you have. try to keep the scaling as 100% and see if you still have the same issue, if you it solve the problem then you have to keep it 100%.

  11. Please add the ability to automatically produce a thumbnail screenshot of scanned urls. That would help in identifying encrypted or blank channels and also help to identify unnamed channels

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