IPTV Checker

Version 1.09
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Create Date May 8, 2017
Last Updated April 23, 2018

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.09

  • Fixed a bug with big lists, now it is working again with big lists

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.08

  • Fixed a bug when adding urls from text
  • Now you can save the m3u8 list with all of its included tags

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.07

  • Fixed more bugs in adding channels.
  • Added new functionality to get the server additional Channels (HOT!!).
  • Added numbering to rows.
  • Added Donation options.

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.05

Fixed the Update Bug

What's new in IPTV Checker 1.04

  • The ability to delete multiple files at once
  • The ability to manually adjust the path of VLC player
  • Specify the number of threads to run
  • Specify the timeout to consider the channel as offline
  • Modify the user-agent used when checking the channels
  • New resizable user interface
  • Fixed some bugs when importing IPTV lists

What's new: Version 1.03

  • Fixed a bug that make some channels freezes forever

What's new : Version 1.02

  • New bug fixes
  • Control how many threads you want to run
  • Control the timeout of requests
  • Now the application will check each Offline channel 5 times to make sure it is really offline, because some channels have some lags that make the application thinks it is offline.
  • Double clicking any channel will open it in VLC Player