Free IPTV Checker

Application update version: 1.02  27/08/2017, 04:10 AM

What’s new:

  • New bug fixes
  • Control how many threads you want to run
  • Control the timeout of requests
  • Now the application will check each Offline channel 5 times to make sure it is really offline, because some channels have some lags that make the application thinks it is offline.
  • Double clicking any channel will open it in VLC Player

Are you suffering from checking new IPTV links gathered from the internet? Want a real fast multi-threaded Software that can check all the links for you. then our new software is for you.

Our new software called IPTV Checker, from its name you cam guess what is about. with this software you can check any IPTV list (m3u8, m3u, or txt) and the application will check each link inside the list if it is online or offline without your intervention, it is multi-threaded so it can check the links in fast manner.

The application have these functions:

  1. The ability to add a list from a file
  2. the ability to add channels from Copy and paste using the Add txt button
  3. When you check the channels you can view only the online channels so when you save the file it will save only the online ones and it will exclude the offline ones
  4. The ability to save the file in m3u8 or cfg file format
  5. Right clicking on any channel on the list will give you access to the following
  • Open the selected channel on VLC (if installed)
  • Copy the URL to clipboard
  • Rename The channel

Here is how does it looks when you check the list for online and offline channels


106 Replies to “Free IPTV Checker

    1. Thanks for your comment, In fact the application already have this feature, just click on the show only ONLINE channels then click on save! Hope it helps

  1. Hi, just been using your program Free IPTV Checker, and i am glad you made it.
    Very nice work! Just found a fault in some iptv list, where more then one hhtp link is used for a channel.

    For example:

    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo=”*******//upload/icon/20150313/1426250744857.png” group-title=”Canales”,BABESTATION 24hrs

    Your program expects the first link to be the stream info, and does not check if there is another http: adres further along the line. WIth as a result that you get the message that a channel is OFFLINE.

    Hope you understand the problem, and i hope you can fix this in a future update?! That would be nice!

    1. Hi,
      For files that have h**p link for stream information simply load list in a VLC than save it via “save playlist to file” command. VLC will save the playlist with only a channel name and a true stream link. Than load list in iptv checker.

  2. Could you make the GUI window re-sizable this way we could see more links at the same time and we would have to scroll lot less to see all the links.

    Thanks for this useful program

  3. There is another one small bug that is annoying for me:

    I use VLC Nightly 3.0 RC1

    And when I right click to start a link with VLC I receive a message telling me that “VLC is not detected on my system” Here’s a screenshot of the message:

    My guess is that it could be because my system is partitioned and my player are on the “I:” drive (not on the C:) look here:

    You should use the default handler for m3U files instead this way the program registered to use M3U will be used.

    Another way could also be to have a menu to tell where our VLC is on our system.

    Do you have a beta version that I could try that would fix it ?

    Best Regards and thanks for your Amazing program ! ???

    1. You are right, The application will only detect the path of VLC it it is only located on the C drive, I will add a feature to manually select the path of VLC.

  4. Hello , Thank you for this amazing software , please add a feature when you can select more than 1 channel and delete it from the playlist , we use that a lot and unfornatualy we have to do it manually

  5. Hi there
    Sir, I appreciate your work keep on to make it better .
    – Firs of all , i have a lot of tools to check working streams , but found nothing to work at 100% accuracy
    Only 1 checker i have working with 95 – 98% accuracy

    Have made a test with 141 random Radio streams in it
    My test – not responding = 9
    Your test – not responding = 40

    I have on a huge stream database (30.000 streams) , and must check them in rotation in a daily basis
    The streams are radio streams but your soft not really likes these streams because a lot of working streams appears offline after checking them

    – I have VLC installed in C: drive , but never happend to open streams with it since the first version of your programe
    – To allow to manage a player choosing it’s .exe will be a good option
    – Maybe integrating MPV player in a single instance running , check this out ….(mpv Player ****** No links allowed *******)

    – Is it a way to check all kind of streams not only IPTV ?

    – Other
    rtmp to m3u8 online converter ….. ****** No links allowed *******

    Sorry for my english
    Have a Nice Day !

    1. Sorry for the late reply because i don’t have a lot of free time as i’m working and having a family, our application are mainly designed to check IPTV Streams not any link.. I’m working on a new version and i will include the rtmp support in it and an option to choose the right path of the vlc executable. just stay tuned, when we make an update our program will notify you about that.
      Best wishes

    1. I really don’t have a time-frame, as I don’t have a lot of free time. but believe me it will be finished sooner or later, and when a new release is available, you will be notified when you use our application.
      Best Wishes

  6. i have downloaded version 1.04 but my antivirus finds trojan every time i clean and restart same again? this is from your official link now i can use the old one as that link now downloads the new one please advise what has happened as this was a decent software.

    1. Hello, it is normal that some antivirus softwares see it as Trojan as our application tries to make many web-requests at the same time to check the streams links.

  7. Hello,
    I would like to develop the software. In what language was the software written? Do you give out the source code? Is it maybe open source?

    Kind regards

  8. Dear Admin. Thank you for new version.
    Issue 1. new version every time asks me to upgrade to a new version. I deleted old version but Nothing has changed.
    Issue 2. Win10 x64 pros installed – VLCx64 3.0 version. reveals an error that VLC is not installed ..
    in the settings i put file path vlc and save. the next time it generates the same error VLC is not installed.

          1. Dear Admin, the application remembers the path of vlc but Same error.” No VLC found on your system, Set correct path of VLC in the settings”

        1. اخي جرب ان تحمل من جديد البرنامج قمت بتعديل بسيط وارجو ان تخبرني بالنتيجة لو سمحت

    1. Sir, it is a false positive as the application makes many http requests when checking the links, the antivirus thinks it is a virus. if you are not yet convinced, ignore my reply and don’t download it.

  9. when you close the application and reopen it again does the application remember the need update go to the link home

  10. Hi, great and useful app! There would be great if you have a time to add some new feature like exporting status with links in excel (red and green also)
    And compare new results with last one so a user can see that some channels went offline/online

    Thanks for this making free

    1. Sorry to tell you that we can’t implement that function, The application is mainly for people who are interested in M3u8 list for their mobile phone or PC

  11. Hi. When I try to download is blocked by AV.

    Can you check if this is infected with some virus?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. No it is not infected this is a false positive, because the application aggressively checks for multiple URLS.

  12. I’ve check iptv links from freesourcetv and works. The software check the links and save only the links who works. Thanks!

  13. first thank you for this great app
    in my country the internet connection is very expensive but also very weak i have a 2mb connection so if it’s not too much to ask could you add a way to check the required internet speed for a channel to run without freezing every 2s
    for ex :
    channel1 : require a 1.68mb connection
    channel1_hd : require a 2.73mb connection
    and make show only channels that require only a certain speed or less
    this can be done by downloading a small part of the stream maybe 2 or 3 second then check the size of the downloaded stream
    i know this is a huge task i ask you for i tried doing it my self using ffmpeg and my limited coding skill and i couldn’t

    thank you again

  14. Hi,
    Question, are you guys able to add some option like (get links alphabetically) after you paste links into (import links from text) ?


  15. excellent program, I’m looking for the IPTV Url Checker, do you have any link that functions and can access the program? Thank you

    1. Hello David,
      Could you elaborate more, our application can check any IPTV url and check if it is alive or not!

    1. Hello Ahmet,

      The application will have a minor update in the next months as i have a lot of work, and regarding the IPTV hero, it is not officially online. but will be soon.
      Best Regards

  16. Hi super app ,
    is it posible to add multiple proxys for testing the streams and a window below big one to show open \ working links as it finds them .

    this is god if testing large playlists
    sorry for my bad spelling

    1. Hello Pintone,
      Testing IPTV channels using proxies is bad idea as it lags a lot and the application will consider it as offline! adding testing screen below the application will need a lot of work as if VLC is not correctly installed on the machine the application will not run.
      Best Regards

  17. Thanks for your software, is awesome.
    is there a way to select some offline channel and put online? because my playlist have also categories, and when i scan the software see that are offline, i need to save the categories.
    and there is a function to select and delete duplicate link=?

    1. Hello Stefano,
      regarding the first question, sorry to tell you that the answer is no. for the second question the application already remove channels with duplicate url.
      Best wishes

  18. First off, thank you for providing such an amazing software for free and devoting your personal time for everyone’s benefit. I want to be able to customize channels in groups and that’s why I’m reaching out to you to see if this might be in the works.

    See some iptv provider’s m3u have over 4000 channels, for all audiences. Since I’m only interested in English ones, I want to customize my playlist in such a way that I assign my own group tag to the ones I watch and either delete or, throw all the other junk channels into the junk folder (group), that way they are out of the view. So to do that if there was an ability to move channels into custom groups that would be excellent. The provider does have grouping, but their grouping and nomenclatures seems to be done by 4th graders.

    Next would be the channel logo column – now I know I’m getting greedy here, but just an idea. It would be great if the client application had the ability to scan “known sources” and return with a nearest match using the channel name/group info and downloaded the jpg thumbnail to show in the UI. Then when compiling the (new) m3u8, it appends the url in the right string.

    So in theory, these procedures would be applied after URL validation and the result will be a washed, working, customized playlist, ready to rock n roll.

    Finally, if there can be a direct upload to say, a google drive, to be dynamically pulled by the player’s client, then users can add a tiny url to their TV players/Kodi etc, and scrub their lists ever so often.

    I know this sounds like a lot of work, just thought it might give you some ideas for future roadmap.
    Thanks much.

    1. Hello, and sorry for being so late.
      Thanks a lot for your comment I like when i receive constructive comments like yours. But to be honest with you, in the mean time, i really don’t have time to upgrade the software these days because of work and study but when i do that i will inform you for sure, and i will implement some features you have mentioned specially grouping channels.
      Best Regards

  19. Thanks very much – generally very useful.
    However, do you know why it sometimes shows a link, which will not play with VLC, as being Online.

      1. I have merge some iptv files with vlc and would be nice to have an option that deletes duplicate entries based in the url. I have see many files that have the same entries, in that way i can have a large files with unique links.

        1. Hello, thanks for your comment;
          I have a plan to rewrite the application from scratch, and will add this option in the next version, but not before two months as i don’t have time in the mean time

  20. have some way to extract the real links from the paid list, they put links with the user and password, but it is temporary, how can I find the permanent link? Is there such a tool?

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