How to download any video from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr on your Android Phone, four In one APP

Hello Guys,

As I use multiple social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, Sometimes I watch some videos that I really want to download them to my phone or tablet so i can view them without internet connection, Before I were using multiple apps specified for each one of these sites as downloaders, But the problem all of these ads are really fed with ads and very annoying. so as usual I decided to develop my own version without these sick ads, and I have decided to call it Universal Social Media Downloader (USMD)

But my plan is to develop a simple application that works on all of these sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr). and today  I have finished coding the app and its functions, I have uploaded my app to Play store, so any one can use it for free.

This is a screenshot of the app, it is very simple and easy to use.


How does it work?

In fact very easy, You can share or paste any link of post from any of the mentioned sites directly to the program and it will dot he rest for you on parsing the video information and the thumbnail, then when you see the thumbnail of the video it will save the video for you in the Download folder of your android device.

Please notice: To play the video Directly form the application you can click on the thumbnail after downloading the video

Please Notice the following for each site:

  • Facebook & Instagram

The Facebook application only allows copying the video link and no share option provided on the Facebook app, so when you need to download any Facebook video you have to copy the link of the wanted video, then you have to go to our app and click the “Paste from clipboard” button to parse the video information.

  • Twitter

The Twiiter application allows both copying tweet link and sharing the tweet with other applications, then then two functionalities will work for it (Copying the tweet link and paste it in our application, or sharing the tweet with our application directly).

  • ¬†Tumblr

The Tumblr Application allows messaging the any post to any other application, so you have to use the “Message to” button to share the post with our application.

This is a video tutorial explaining how to use the application exactly for each site.


You can download our application directly from Play store using the link below:

If you have any problem or a suggestion, don;t hesitate to write it down in the comments.

Best Wishes.

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