IPTV Checker 1.04

Hello World!

Today I have finished the new version of our application IPTV Checker, I have included the most featured that were asked by you in the comments. I know it took me months to develop the new version, but guys I have a family and a job and my PC and i have to take care of all of them at the same time.

What’s new in IPTV Checker 1.04

  • The ability to delete multiple files at once
  • The ability to manually adjust the path of VLC player
  • Specify the number of threads to run
  • Specify the timeout to consider the channel as offline
  • Modify the user-agent used when checking the channels
  • New resizable user interface
  • Fixed some bugs when importing IPTV lists

Download the new version


37 Replies to “IPTV Checker 1.04

  1. Please check next file. IP-TV – ok, Win XP

    1. this is not a standard M3U8 file format, our app will only check one link for each channel, in the next update i will try to include this option

  2. IPTV Checker 1.04 has an alert that requires permanent download even though the program is downloaded to the PC … admin to solve this problem

  3. Hi everyone. Am I the only one that every time that opens the program gets a message saying that there is an update and the program closing suddenly without a chance to do anything?. The most anoying thing is that the update is the exact same file, the 1.4 🙁 🙁

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hello how are you
    My apologies but the program is giving errors
    I already have the last one but it continues with the error
    thank you very much
    Happy day

      1. oK, In my List i have this structure.:
        #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”LOS SIMPSONS” tvg-name=”LOS SIMPSONS” tvg-shift=”” radio=”” tvg-logo=”********logo/los_Simpson.bmp” group-title=”24/7″,LOS SIMPSONS

        When I use your program and save M3U just receive this.:

        Lost the other part of my struct, in special tvg-logo=”******logo/los_Simpson.bmp” and need to rewrite all info again. What can I do to maintain the channel symbols.

  5. Hi, Great program thanks !

    But why would the export file removes the channels group title? and tvg logo link?

    All new m3u8 files now have details such as logo link and group title could you add this feature in your program by adding new columns in your program that sort these information from the m3u8 :

    Example of the file :
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”” tvg-name=”CNN” tvg-logo=”http://example.com/cnn.jpg” group-title=”News”,CNN

    The export should keep these details in file, I really hope you could add these features


  6. this app is awesome thank you dev for this great app can you please make it for android or it’s not possible ?

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