IPTV Checker 1.07 New Update

Hello World!

We have a new update to our application IPTV CHECKER, Kindly update your copy of our app or you will miss a lot 🙂

What’s New in the version

  • Fixed more bugs in adding channels.
  • Added new functionality to get the server additional Channels (HOT!!).
  • Added numbering to rows.
  • Added Donation options.

The exclusive feature

In this version we have added a new feature you can find when you right click any channel like the figure below: 

With this feature you can grab and extract all the hidden streams available on this server channels + VOD

Hope you will all like it

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22 Replies to “IPTV Checker 1.07 New Update

      1. rtmp:// format also still can not checked

        and when get hidden channel from server only can use .ts format not m3u or m3u8

        1. I’m still looking for a solution for the RTMP protocol, and regarding the .ts format you can do replace all in any text editor from “.ts” to “.m3u8”

  1. when i open the program it ask for vlc
    i add it and then when reopen it still ask for vlc
    it does not remember where it is

    1. I have checked the link you have mentioned, and it was online, and even tried to save it as m3u8 and opened that file in VLC and it worked!

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