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I have bought a new DVB receiver that can open IPTV channels, the main problem in this DVB receiver was how to add new IPTV channels to the one already installed on the receiver, I have struggled many days to find a way to do that because the receiver has no option to open IPTV channels in m3u8 format excepts by adding new channels using the remote control manually which was really disappointing, Finally I have foundĀ  a Post on a forum that indicates that this type of receivers can auto- load channels from the USB flash drive, if you put the channels in a file called “tvlist.txt” and it should follow a specific format for arranging the channels inside it in addition to the channels group title then clicking the “blue button” on the remote control which will download this file from the USB flash drive. I have follows the instructions on how to make a test tvlist.txt file as it is not a standard file format and finally succeeded to add new channels to my new DVB receiver.

As usual I have made a new application to facilitate all the process for me to generate and modify the requested file, the program will let me to the following tasks:

  • Open the tvlist.txt file and import all the channels and the channel’s group name to the application.
  • Add new channels to imported ones, by adding channel name, and channel URL.
  • Import new channels from m3u8.
  • The ability to arrange channels by moving channels up and down inside the list.
  • The ability to delete any channel from list.
  • The ability to edit any channel name or URL by double clicking on it.
  • The tvlist.txt will be auto generated when doing any modification and it will be saved automatically to tvlist.txt file inside the application directory.


I have decided to share this new tool with the community to help any one who have this DVB or any other DVB receiver that use the same method, The tool is a free-ware with no ads. if you decide to share it with others kindly don’t forget to mention or site name.




4 Replies to “TV List Generator for DVB, TVLIST.txt Editor

    1. No trojan on our application it is used bu thousands around the world, antiviruses see it like trojan because it makes thousands of http requests while checking links.

  1. Permission to download the file was denied? Why? Do you have updated version of this?
    Like maybe where you can add a lot of links and then just add the names or a dns link\list converter. mail me

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