Yumpu PDF Downloader

Today we have a good news for Yumpu users all over the planet, We have developed new online tool that make you able to download any yumpu document or magazine as PDF file, or you can simply download all the pages of any magazine or document and save them as images file “JPEG”.

Yumpu hosts millions of magazines but as many PDF hosters, they prevent downloading the magazines for offline reading! this a very bad for people with limited connections, so with our tool you can download your favorite magazines and save them on your mobile or PC for offline reading!

to start using our new tool, kindly click the link below

Yumpu PDF Downloader

Best Wishes!


4 Replies to “Yumpu PDF Downloader

  1. Dear Friend,

    In the past, I downloaded PDF file of GP academy by tiny-tools successfully. Recently, PDF files were deleted. Only JPG files are online, for instance (Link deleted)

    Could you let me know how to download JPG files from Yumpu.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello,
      If the document has been deleted from yumpu then there is no way to get it back as we don’t save any files on our server.

  2. I would like to thanks fro this wonderful tool that alowed me to fix my own refrigerator (troubleshooting and buying the correct parts) since the Service Manual was only found on yumpu… (Link deleted)

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